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artsHOP 2014

Bridge Street is proud to host the Public Art Show “Turtles” for artsHOP 2015. Come down to Bridge Street and see these one-of-a kind creations for yourself displayed indoors and out at various businesses on the street.

We had dozens of artists on and off the island, of all ages, skills and experience levels participate in this community project. Proceeds from the show will be shared with the artist/organization who created the piece and the Bridge Street Merchants (BSM).

BSM is a 501c6 not-for-profit that contributes money annually through our events to the following local charities: Roser Food Pantry, Moonracer Animal Rescue, Feeding Empty Little Tummies, Wildlife Inc, AMI Community Center, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Food Bank of Manatee. Additionally, our merchants donate gift certificates, merchandise and services to countless events on and off the island.

Your Turtle purchase will not only provide you with a piece of original art, but will also support artists in this community, as well as other charitable causes.

The auction can only be accessed online at:The Bidding Owl

Auction will end at 3 pm Sunday, November 15th. That is also the only day that all the turtles will be shown together at one time — at the Bridge Street Market Kick-Off starting at 10 am. Between now and then, they will be displayed throughout Bridge Street.

Each turtle is about 3 feet in diameter. Unlike real sea turtles, the greatest time for visibility is during the day, although some will be out both day and night.

Each piece is displayed with a statement from the artist. Many of these are quite moving, in regard to devotion to turtle protection. These statements are also included in the online listing. The time and love that went into these art pieces is amazing!

Here are the various locations where you can view the turtles on Bridge Street. The numbers next to each title correspond to an auction item.

Bridge Street Bistro / Island Time / Island Time Inn & Ice Cream
111 Gulf Drive
Daily 11:30-Late
#7. Turtle Totem
#9. Emerson’s Turtle
#26. G P S
#43. Folk Art Turtle
#44. Return to the Sea

BridgeWalk Resort
100 Bridge Street
Daily 9-5
#2. Fanta-Sea Glass
#21. Hayward
#38. Loggerhead of Love
#47. Patchwork Turtle

A. Paradise Realty
102 Bridge Street
Mon-Sat 9-5
#12. Tiny Turtle
#13. Texture Turtle

Edgewater Real Estate 104 Bridge Street Mon-Sat 9-5 #24. Vintage Hibiscus #50. Santa Turtle

Back Alley
108 Bridge Street
Daily 9-5
#14. Tiles the Turtle
#35. ‘Til Tomorrow Moon
#36. Lights Out
#46. Shore Duty

The Uptown Lot 110 Bridge Street
10ish-5ish Daily
#5. Purple Passion
#41. Double-Sided Turtle
#48. Tina Turtle
#16. Rainbow Storm Trooper

Sea-renity Beach Spa & Eco Boutique
112 Bridge Street
10-5 Mon-Sat, 11:30-3:30 Sun
#6. Ms. Patty
#8. Sea Glass Turtle
#11. Sea me Swim
#19. au naturel Coquina

Bridge Street Interiors / Mermaid Haven
114 Bridge Street
10-5 Daily
#10. Happy Sun & Sand Island Turtle
#27. Seas the Day
#37. Spirit of the Turtle, “Return to the Sea”

Bridge Street Bazaar / Fish Hole Mini Golf
115 Bridge Street
9-9 Daily
#23. Mr. T
#34. Lovin’ Life in Paradise
#39. Sunset Turtle
#40. The Terrors of the Terrific Turtle
#49. Home is Where Your Shell Is

The Hive
119 Bridge Street
10-5 Daily
#18. Tattoo Turtle
#28. So it Ends…So it Begins
#31. La Colorido Tortuga

Segs by the Sea / Adventures Away
119-C Bridge Street
Daily 9-5
#1. Tutu Turtle
#4. Wisdom of the Sea Turtle
#22. Live Adventurously
#42. It’s the Island Life for Me

Blue Marlin
121 Bridge Street
5-10 p.m. Nightly
#29. Pallet Turtle

127 Bridge Street
8am-2pm Daily
#25. Tallulah
#33. Sunshine Turtle

Bridge Tender
135 Bridge Street
11am- Late Daily
#3. Tender Tiki Turtle
#15. Bat Turtle
#17. Rosey
#20. Jelly Belly
#30. Heart of the Sea
#32. Flip Floppin’ on Bridge Street

A silent online auction that you may access via your phone or computer will run the entire two weeks of the show. Click the button below to bid/buy your favorite turtle! Reserve your turtle today! Call Amanda at 941-896-2222 or email

Our Anna Maria Island community proudly supports over 12 art galleries and studios, a nationally recognized historical society, a renowned orchestra and chorus, The Island Players theater, and a published writers' group. Cultural Connections of Anna Maria Island was established in 2008 for the purpose of promoting and supporting our island culture. "Cultural Connections' mission is to promote Anna Maria Island as a cultural destination."

The 8th annual artsHOP is presented by Cultural Connections of Anna Maria Island
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