Anna Maria Island ArtsHOP 2009
Sponsored by Cultural Connections

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...the start

ArtsHOP - Anna Maria Island
ArtsHOP committee members welcome the first finished door (painted on a sliding closet door) - July 14,2009

...Doors about town

Ginny and Jane E's
Mary Ryan, artist of Paradise Found, and friends on the couch
in front of the door display at Ginny and Jane E's
...the first showing!

ArtsHOP, Anna Maria Island
The first door display at the Cultural Connections booth at Bayfest, October 17th, 2009

Island Players
Howard Bard and Dolores Harrell admiring Cathy Stoltzfus's door at the Island Players
The BeachHouse Restaurant
Ted Baird's door is flanked by Peggy Shannon,
General Manager and Dave Gallagher, Manager of
the Beach House Restaurant in Bradenton Beach.
Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce
Mary Ann Brockman, Director of the Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce is pictured here with Rick Grice's door displayed in the Chamber of Commerce Office.
The Studio at Gulf and Pine
Rhea Chiles stands next to Erin Johnson's creastions - Angels
and Demons- at The Studio at Gulf and Pine in Anna Maria.
Sun House Restaurant
"Grandma's Screen Door" was given a temporary home by Chris Fielder, General Manager, Sun House Restaurant.

Moveable Feast
Cathy Stoltzfus's door at Moveable Feast, in Holmes Beach
Art League Courtyard
Public art display under the banyan tree in the courtyard at the Anna Maria Island Art League in Holmes Beach.

Richard Shahinian, (left) owner of the new "Slim's Place" sport bar and grill in Anna Maria stands beside the double painted side tropical theme door created by artist Paul Arnold (right) who can be found at J& J Graphics located next door.
Island Gallery West
Cecy Richardson's door is the window display at the Island Gallery West. The door will be available for auction, but pick up with have to be delayed until December when the window display is changed.

Joan Voyles
Joan with Travis Rogers, actor and Box Office Manager for the Riverfront Theater stand with "Door" in the theater lobby.
...the AUCTION
31 DOORS gathered under the Banyan tree at the Art League on Nov. 15th for a silent auction that resulted in over $1600 that will be divided between Cultural Connections and the Manatee Players Building Fund. Click to see the results of the auction: DOOR AUCTION

ArtsHOP 2009
Sun newspaper, Nov 18, 2009
Sun newspaper, Nov 25, 2009
Manatee Players Presentation of the check

A check in the amount of $800 was presented to the officers of the Manatee Players.

In the background you can see the progress on the new facility that will provide the Bradenton area with a first class venue for the performance arts along with gallery space for the visual arts.


Angels and Demons by Erin Johnson
Erin's work
Display location - The Studio at Gulf and Pine

Erin Johnson Erin Johnson Erin is a recent graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design with a BFA in Illustration. Erin was featured in an article of the Sunday Sarasota Herald Tribune on June 14th about his senior thesis, which was an art-case piano of his own design.

"I was quite inspired by the fact that these were antique doors, and the fact that they had skeleton key-holes. This influenced my art making from the first brush-stroke. I pondered who may have owned this door in the past. What stories could this door tell us? As I worked, I worked harder at making this a quality piece because it is a rare occurrence, quite probably, that an artist gets to work on an antique surface such as the old doors."

Erin Johnson"Also, the symbolism of the coloring of the door represents the extreme dualities of paralells, or paralell realities. The door as a portal, closed, represents the unknown, and in this regard, can represent the extremes of low, high, night day, etc. Thus, I choose to illustrate demons on one side in blue, and angels on the other in orange. The colors are complimentary (opposite) and the two sets of images balance each other out. I intended for the door to be used functionally as a door. Therefore I thought of the social commentary that the door might ignite, were it to be placed in a strategic location within a house determined by the owner. This way, the door becomes something greater, and continues to evolve as a creative work, the person who hangs the door on new hinges participating in the artistic process, becomes part of a performance, and thus determines the perhaps final context of the art, and the way it is perceived. I hope that whomever buys the door at auction will hang it in a doorway, and use it as a functioning door."   Erin Johnson

Deeana Atkinson

Mermaid Peeking Out The Window by Deeana Atkinson
Deeana Atkinson Display - Art League Courtyard

We had a late arrival for our Doors Project and it's FABULOUS! We wish we had more time to display it, but come over to the Art League on Friday night for the ArtsHOP Gallery Walk and check it out. This door done by Deeana Atkinson is the third door she has offered. Two of her doors, including this one, will be in the auction. The third door can be seen in the art league's gallery.

My latest door is titled Mermaid Peeking Out The Window. It is painted on a solid wood door and is painted on both sides with the idea that it can be used in the future as someone’s door. The interior side of the door is the back of a mermaid as though she is looking out the window. When you look at the other side of the door you see the mermaid looking out at you.

Mary Ryan Paradise Found by Mary Ryan
Display location - Ginny and Jane E's

Mary Ryan is a self taught artist who loves to paint on "anything… furniture, canvas, wood…and doors!" Originally from New Jersey, she moved to Florida thirty-five years ago. She attended NYU in New York City and St. Leo’s University in Florida and is a retired registered nurse and former administrator. For years she sold art from a web site to patrons all over the world. After ten years dropped that web site and process because of being too busy shipping and packing. Ryan is now in the process of moving from Bradenton to Anna Maria Island.

"Anna Maria Island is about the water…. its serenity and tranquility. I love the tropical Florida flora and fauna. Those are the images I chose to place on my door. There is the water side and then the floral side." Mary Ryan.

Her work is on display and for sale at Ginny’s and Jane E’s.

Kim Cleghorn Mermaids Gone Wild by Kim Cleghorn
Display location - Restless Natives

I was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia. I currently reside in Florida and spend my summers on Anna Maria Island. I grew up going to the beach on the east coast at Tybee and now I am getting to know the Gulf. (I like it, but I really do miss the waves, the big sand dunes and the good southern accents.) I started painting mermaids on a whim because I love "beachy", "funky", "happy" art. My mermaids are all those things and more to me.

I used to teach High School English and my creative outlet was the written word. Now, paint, canvas, and wood allow me to express "my inner mermaid". I am self taught and am always learning and growing. My creativity comes from my father who was an artist among many other things. My love for "the fun, the happy and the funky" comes from my mother; who would drop everything to go on any adventure I planned.

I love to laugh and have fun and that is what my art is all about! I never do the same thing twice (it drives my family crazy since I never buy the same brand of milk, snacks etc.) I learned very early that Life is a gift and should be enjoyed! In short, given the choice I choose happiness and quirkiness every time! I feel everyone has a special gift from God and a purpose in life. Today, my purpose is to spread happiness or at least a mermaid at a time!!!!!

It was so much fun painting this door for the artsHOP. "Mermaids Gone Wild" is one of my favorite themes.

Mark Boltwood
Communal Wave by Mark Boltwood and Company
Display location - Art League

My inspiration for this piece was quite a wonderful fluke. When I heard about the door project from Marsha Bard, her excitement motivated me to collect every door I came across for months. When it came time to create my initial idea, I much too patiently found the “curtain-o-tyranny of the urgent” closing in. The Monday the doors were put up for on-line auction I had merely outlined what was to be an elaborate underwater scene. Like anyone under such time restraint would do, I woke up early Tuesday morning and knew that two hours of surfing before a days work would surely help get the door painted. Right thing to do or not, my resistance yielded a grounding realization. Procrastination had put me face to face with, “I'm not going to get this finished in time!”.Waiting for the next set to come in I decided it was one more wave before I went home. Then it happened, right before that last wave of the morning, the idea of having my 6'2 Eberly beater-board for this shore break merely slipped into mind the same instant I had a vision. I could visualize this old surfboard being put to a door and felt an overwhelming drive that encompassed more than just self. The rest was just process, and I knew it would require some outside help. Only one individual that I had witnessed could take magic though like this and genuinely bring it to life. I called a good friend and teacher, Le 1and Baumgard, pitched my crazy idea and got a warm, “Well Mark, I'll take a look at it.” ...

Contributing Artists: Le1and, Annette, Joshua, and Gazelle Baumgard, Jacob Hill, Elise Ellis, Dr. Gair, and Chelsea Poelsma.
Special Thanks: Lee thanks for more than just looking, and thanks for your families participation. We heal when we help others! Cliff Boltwood, Carey Goodier & Erin, Marsha and Howard Bard, Malinda, The Art Leauge, Cultural Connections, Tori and Nick Boltwood (Nick thanks for not liking the board) your always inspiring guys. The family that was throwing the door away- and Thanks to every one involved, Glory to that which made the waves!

Justin Noyes

Hive Mermaid by JKNoyes
Display location - The Hive

The Hive Door by Justin Noyes. professional artist, along with wife Rachel Noyes, a Jewelry Designer, are owners of The Hive Creations located at 9908 Gulf Drive, Anna Maria, FL 34216, 941-778-7432.

Justin is a creative professional- specializing in whimsical/editorial Illustration. He has been published multiple times/awarded large royalty contracts in various fields of creative illustration. Founder of The Hive Creations on Anna Maria Island Fl- Creative company that provides everything from unique wall art to contracted graphics & editorial works.
Sarah Bengtson

Untitled Inspiration by Sarah Bengtson
Display - Art League Courtyard

Sarah Bengtson A native of North Carolina, Sarah Bengtson moved to Sarasota five years ago, drawn to it's art culture and her own passion for painting. Her style is intuitive, playful and intricate in detail, possessing the fluency, rich colors and energy found in nature that inspires her work.

Sarah's inspiration for the door came from studying Native American designs and listening to The Doors while painting because "it seemed only appropriate."
The Color of Coconut

Jackson Pollack Door by Sarah Gafvert and Peggy Dean
Display - The Color of Coconut

This door was created in a partnership between Peggy Dean and Sarah Gafvert who are co-owners of the store, “The Color of Coconut.” The store with its unique colorful tropical fabrics will soon be celebrating its second anniversary.

Sarah is a batik artist who graduated from Ohio University as an art major. After owning a retail store in Delaware, she moved to Florida and the island in 2005. Peggy is a graduate of Ohio State with a focus on metal smithing and she came to Florida in 2003.

They heard about the Door project from Joyce Karp, Director of the Anna Maria Art League and decided this was a great way to become involved with the AMI arts community.

“We chose the Jackson Pollack process and poetry to send a message…. Read the door to find out that message!” …. Sarah and Peggy

Deeana Atkinson

Mom's Door by Deeana Atkinson
Display - Art League Courtyard

One of my favorite things to paint is sunflowers because that is my mom’s favorite flower which is perfect for her because her personality is big and happy just like a sunflower. So the title to my door is Mom’s door.

I was so delighted to be asked to paint a door as I am an avid volunteer at the Island art league. I take part as in both the winterfest and the springfest as a displaying artist.

I firmly believe in taking part in such organizations as the art league and the cultural connection as with today’s society we are moving and shaking at such a pace that we sometimes forget what is beautiful, creative and warms our souls...things like painting, theater and music.

Dee Pastorius

Beach Door by Dee Pastorius
Dee Pastorius Display - Art League Courtyard

Dee and her husband Maynard retired in 1993 and moved to Florida and got involved in the art community in Bradenton and the islands. Dee has taken workshops and classes from some well known artists - like Roberta Carter Clark, Janet Roger, Anne Abgott & Douglas Teller. Dee has won awards locally and in state. Her paintings are in collections here and abroad.

Dee's artwork can be seen at Island Gallery West in Holmes Beach and on their website,

As an added feature to Dee's cabinet-sized door, Dee will paint out the couple on the beach and replace them with your special people.

Laura McGeary

Save the Turtles by Laura McGeary
Display - Art League Courtyard

I have had a life long enchatment with the arts in one form or another; and on occasion take a serious art or graphic design course. All of my creations are one-of-a-kind, though I have reserved a couple as future limited releases, if and when I get around to it! Involvement with the Anna Maria Island Art League started with my responding to a newspaper ad for volunteers at the holidays. Always having been taught to 'raise my hand' when a question was asked… led to an even deeper involvement and in particular our major fundraisers, Winterfest and Springfest. Little did I know it would one day lead to my present position as President.

This cabinet door is called "Save the Turtles" represented in three languages, German, Spanish, and French. It was inspired by having once witnessed the release of these marvelous little creatures by the volunteers dedicated to doing just that on Anna Maria Island.

Heidi Hager
Wishful Thinking by Heidi Hager
Display - Art League Courtyard

I thought “Wishful Thinking” for a title…..someone looking out at the beach through a window wishing they could take the beach back up north with them.

As far as something about myself, I have been painting for over 45 years, having my own business called Heidi’s Hutch intermittingly throughout that time frame where I painted furniture, murals and more. I have traveled the world and seen beautiful beaches throughout but love living so close to one in our back yard. I enjoyed helping the AMI at their festivals and having the opportunity to serve on their board.

Sandy French

Secret Garden by Sandy French
Display - Back Alley

Although I am not a "painterly" painter, I chose to apply paint to this door. I was attracted to the door because it looked antique and had nice bones and hardware. I wanted to make it look like it was old and mysterious. A closed door is like a mystery box. I would like to see this door covered with cobwebs and vines...sort of a Grey Gardens look

Sandy French About the artist: Sandy French is a local artist who primarily works and sells in stained glass and ceramics. She has been "glassing" this area (and parts beyond) for the last twenty years. When not busy with commissions, she teaches art and stained glass to children as young as two and as old as 92! Her small pieces can be found at the Front of the Back Alley on Bridge Street and she is currently co-oping at 10th Ave. Studio in the Village of the Arts with Kevin Webb. Her abstract panels are showing at Ortygia restaurant , also in the Village. Her most conspicuous commission is the 12 botanical panels in the Schimmel wedding pavilion at Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota.

Paul Arnold

The Golden Door by Paul Arnold
Display location - Slim's, Anna Maria

Paul graduated Ringling with a Certificate of Fine Arts in 1989.

Most recently Paul has published three calendars on A collection of Beatles art going back 20 years. Peace of rock n roll history calendar, and Florida art calendar. Paul is currently living in Bradenton, still working at J&J Graphics, and also part time at ATD signs. Paul plans to do a comic book with his collection of cartoons. Art is what keeps Paul going. Art is its own reward.

Paul Arnold Paul's door is painted with colorful island scenes on both sides of the door. The island's flora and fauna are beautifully represented along with one of our colorful island sunsets.

I am a Fine Art Major from Ringling , Graduate class of 1989....All Around Artist- Paul Arnold

Historical Society

History of Anna Maria Anna Maria History by Anna Maria Island Historical Society
Display - Anna Maria Island Historical Society

We have a door that is a decoupage of old island photos in keeping with the concept of a historical society which will be on display Artshop weekend. Our address is 402 Pine Ave. Anna Maria, phone number is 941-778-0492. Our website address is We will be open Artshop weekend from 10:00 - 4:00 and will be providing pine needle basket demonstrations as well as displaying artifacts from the DeSoto Memorial Historical Park. From 5:00 - 7:00 P.M. we will be hosting our "sock hop" with music from the 50's, dance contests and prizes and food from Duffy's Tavern...Thea Kelley

Rick Grice Rick Grice The Flower by Rick Grice
Display - Chamber of Commerce Lobby

Rick Grice, a well known island artist, has been a prize winner in several area juried shows. His creativity and imagination apparently has no limit as he seems to keep reinventing his art. We are so fortunate to have his door in our collection.

There is symbolism about life and death... the flower... which also appears on the back side of the door. From a distance you get a sense of color. As you get closer the pattern emerges and evolves into a marvelous series of varigated textured raised dots across the entire door.

Emerson Quinllin

Shaggy Dog Door by Emerson Quillin
Display - Art League Courtyard

Cartoonist, Emerson Quillin, has recently brought his artistic talents to Anna Maria Island. A collection of his “illustrative line doodles” of stylish ladies with humorous statements and related products are displayed in a new studio and store in the remodeled AMI Plaza near the Art League on Holmes Boulevard in Holmes Beach.

Originally from Bloomfield, Indiana, a small town in the southwest part of the state, Emerson made observations of ladies in his mother’s beauty salon as a youth. This provided the beginning of the images in his artwork now recognized nationally. While living in Cincinnati he had a cartoon, “Listen, Honey” that appeared in the newspaper six days a week. He graduated from Indiana State University and then obtained a Master’s Degree at the Rhode Island School of Design in textile design. After a career in commercial product design, he turned to a focus on his “doodle art” which is licensed for t-shirts, mugs, calendars, greeting cards and other products sold all over the country.

Emerson and his wife Claire have a home in Lexington, Kentucky as well as Anna Maria Island. While in the Midwest, Quillin, participated in other community public art projects. These included painted pigs sculptures in Cincinnati and in Lexington he painted horses and also “doors” which came from a razed historic building.

For Anna Maria’s Doors fund raiser project, Quillen purchased a new white door and introduces a shaggy dog with a green ball - perfect for a dog lover or a child’s room with a door to actually install...Emerson Quillin Studio

Rita Payne

Beach Scene by Rita Payne
Display location - Art League Courtyard
Rita graduated with a Fine Arts Degree in 2002 from Western State College in Colorado.

Rita Payne I am a plein aire painter. Painting outside is my only comfortable painting place, I am just transitioning from an Aspen tree painter to Palm tree painter , a very narrow range indeed.

This Island Door Project has been a very fun and informal way to "paint our beautiful scenery in life size". I found an old door at a yard sale and painted it up, a great way to recycle and reuse a good surface.

Thanks for including me in the Anna Maria Art Community.

Beach Street Merchants
Display location - Back Alley
121 Bridge Street, Bradenton Beach, FL. 34217

The Bridge Street Merchants Association partnered with the Back Alley to create a door that represents the historic, family-fun, eclectic atmosphere that Historic Bridge Street has to offer. The Bridge Street Door was created from a collaboration of JoAnn Meilner, Kelley Burdette and Amy Talucci, the owners of the Back Alley.

JoAnn has lived locally for over 30 years and works with wood primarily as an artist. On this project she drew out our ideas for the street on the door. Amy and Kelley are both Florida natives. Meeting at Flagler College in St. Augustine they became friends and over the years have inspired each other’s creativity. They started Shabby Caterpillar five years ago and now, along with JoAnn, own the Back Alley Gift and Coffee Shop. Amy and Kelley worked together to paint the door and draw in the intricate features.

"This project has been a lot of fun and we look forward to seeing 'The Doors' project grow over the years to come!"...Amy, Kelley and JoAnn

Laura Shely

Mosaic Turtles by Laura Shely
Display location - Tide and Moon Jewelry, Holmes Beach

My door represents the natural habitat that is Anna Maria Island, and my love for turtles, and mosaic’s. I have lived on Palma Sola Bay, for the past 5 years. I am originally from Stillwater, Minn. Where I Owned and operated a sterling silver shop for many years.

Laura ShelyI have worked in many different mediums…but my love has been in clay & metals. I started working with clay at the age of 10...I am primarily a sculptor. I transformed or merged into metals in 1999.

I had always designed sterling, but I soon discovered tha I love to pound , saw and shape sterling silver. I am always in enrolled in some class and love to learn new processes.

My current sterling shop is : Tide & Moon Jewelry In Holmes beach, which has been nominated for small business of the yr. 2009. There you will find, Sterling silver Jewelry set with large natural stones, precious metal clay focals & rings - Iron saudered Sea Scape pendants, And super funky chunky bead work all in natural stones, many with natural products from our beloved ocean.

I do custom work & some repair…Laura Shely - "Always the student ~ Sometimes the teacher"

Paula Scheonwether
This is a creative photo collage on a door that measures 23 x 17.5 inches.

Cupboard Door by Paula Scheonwether
Display location - Artists' Guild Gallery

Dr.Paula Schoenwether is wildlife and nature photographer who uses her photos as a stepping stone to creating photos that resemble paintings. In this beach scene, she cut out some of her photos and displayed them as a collage showing sever of the local species. In addition to photographing the local flora and fauna, Paula also teaches other artists how to improve their photographic techniques and use Photoshop to enhance their own photos.

A former teacher and marriage, family therapist, Paula identifies herself as a teacher first. Of herself, she said "I can't help teaching people. It doesn't matter where I am. If there are people around I have to share what I know." You can view her work at

Cathy Stoltzfus

Blackboard Door by Cathy Stoltzfus
Display location - Moveable Feast, Holmes Beach

Cathy's door has a unique quality to it - the top portion is a blackboard with a small shelf in the middle to hold the chaulk, What a wonderful creative idea - we'll all be wondering why we didn't think of that!

"I am a resident of Anna Maria. My art experience to date has been limited to the whimsical signs for friends and family. Signs for the garden, bike baskets and even a restroom sign for a restaurant. I have also painted boxes mirror frames, shells and have used our storage shed for a canvas... never a door!

I have wanted to paint the interior doors of my home for sometime and found this project a good start"...Cathy Stoltzfus
Joneen Nielsen

Life is short: Be Happy! by Joneen Nielsen
To view her work visit
Display location - TBA

Joneen Nielsen Joneen has exhibited internationally at Moorley College in London, and The Kingfisher Gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland. While living in California she exhibited at Barnsdall Art Park in Los Angeles, and had a one woman show sponsored by the San Mateo County Arts Council. In 2005 she exhibited in Sacramento. Her most recent project, a mural depicting birds and butterflies of the tropical rain forest, is at the Children's Treatment Center at Manatee Glens in Bradenton.

She can be reached at 941-932-2381 or She currently has her studio in Bradenton.

"My objective in painting this door was to bring a little joy and happiness into the world. Everyday for two weeks, I painted a separate pane of glass, in what I call a 'visual diary' of my day, since each day was different each pane was painted differently using different colors and different shapes. The colors are bright and festive. I paint things I would like to see in my own home" ...Joneen Nielsen

Joan Voyles

The Bass Player by Joan Voyles
Display location - Riverfront Theater - Manatee Players
Joan Voyles has been a City of Anna Maria resident for over twenty years. Moving from Illinois, with a childhood in Indiana, she is still rejoices with the good fortune of living in this very special place.

Painting in this large format and participating in the first public art display is an new adventure. Most people know her as an artist with a wide variety of ink and watercolor illustrations of places on the Island and Cortez Village. Her prints are also available at the Artists' Guild Gallery in Holmes Beach, Bridge Street Interiors in Bradenton Beach, and the Sea Hagg in Cortez. She is currently President of the Artists' Guild of Anna Maria Island and facilitator for Cultural Connections of Anna Maria Island.

"Painting on a door required me to move away from my comfort level of using transparent watercolor paints. This change in media took time and experimentation to remember processes such as how to mix paint to the right consistency for fluid brush line work. I had forgotten how much fun it is to use paint that can cover up changes. Our Anna Maria Island Community Chorus and Orchestra is a unique asset on our island. At one time my husband and I would go to these and Dixieland concerts, seek front row seats to give a close view and then be inspired to do quick drawings of musicians as they performed. The tall rectangular size of a door seemed to be a match with a drawing of a distinctive bass fiddle musician that I had used for a small watercolor painting."

"I enlarged the drawing to its maximum width and still had too much vertical space left in the composition. Thus evolved the idea to stay "in theme" and create a modified frame of a collage of music for my musician. This public art project proved to be a challenge, an adventure and now a sense of satisfaction with the boldness of the scale of the door for art. And I am honoring the Anna Maria Island Community Chorus and Orchestra with my Bass Player"...Joan Voyles

Carl Voyles
Drawings by Carl Voyles
Display location - Artists' Guild Gallery

Kristoff on Piano at the Seafood Shack
A few (maybe 20) years ago, Joan and I were having dinner at the Seafood Shack in Cortez. We had one of the dozen or so tables on the mezzinine, listening to Kristhoff, a pianist, who always wore a straw hat and dangled a cigarette out of one corner of his mouth while talking to whoever was leaning over the piano, simultaniously pounding out great dancing music. We were three or four tables away. "I wonder if he'll play that Bach "Phantom of the Opera" prelude?" I whispered to Joan. Kristoff immediately switched into Bach without missing a beat of his other piece, stopping his conversation, or missing a puff on his cigarette. I enlarged both of these sketches by using a transparency and overhead projector, tracing the projections onto each side of the half-door.

Mariachi Band Violin Player
A few years ago (20?), Joan and I were at one of her business conferences, this one in Dana Point, California. One evening a Mariachi trio performed in our hotel – so, naturally, we took out our sketch books and I drew this “minimalism” sketch of the violin player, who was playing La Cucaracha. Then we got on the dance floor and danced. I should add that I’m a still practicing physician and a founding member of the Artists Guild as well as a sometimes writer, artist and musician (well, I did play the trumpet in high school) and, more recently, the bagpipe, which resulted in a broken lower bridge – John Norman, my dentist: “Keep playing that bagpipe, Doc, so I can pay off my mortgage!”

Ted Baird Ted Baird
by Ted Baird
Phone: 779-0152
2601 Gulf Dr. N. 502
Bradenton Beach
Display location - BeachHouse Restaurant

When "DOORS" was announced, I was thrilled because the Island is opening up, so to speak, its "DOORS" to local artists who paint for our own enjoyment and fun.

We came from New Jersey and have been on the Island for about 10 years and have worked in mixed media creating paintings, carvings, signs, birds, fishes, geckoes, turtles, and birds. These media are all created from flotsam, jetsam and found local materials. These are mostly displayed in our home, and gifted to friends and relatives homes.

There are not many opportunities to paint on large surfaces and this is one that I do enjoy. I have created some canvases for my sons on large canvasses.

My "DOOR" is the first fun adventure into the Island public spaces now that the League has created this annual event. This will be a fun and fantastic and continuing adventure here on the island...Ted Baird

Cecy Richardson

Silver Door by Cecy Richardson
Display location - Island Gallery West

Silver Door ...clean from sea air...the color of water and fish...

Cecy Richardson has been a resident of Cortez for ten years. She moved to Florida from California where she lived on a boat with a friend for seven years. Her work often reflects her love of the water and where she lives. Cecy says she will print anything as long as it doesn't move! Her artwork often includes but is not limited to linoleum, monoprint and etching. She is a member of Island Gallery West.

Cecy's door is on display in the window of Island Gallery West - it will be available for auction on Nov. 15th, but pick up will be in December so that the door can remain on display.

Betsy Smith

Let's Do Lunch by Betsy Smith
Display location - Ginny and Jane E's, Anna Maria

My name is Betsy Smith and I have lived on the island for over 20 years. I have had fun doing a variety of crafts including palm frond braiding, pine needle basketry and granny girl dolls. Today I am considered an altered function artist.

I paint island style designs on Coconut, flip-flops, fan blades, sand dollars and beach brushes.

I love our little island anoles and decided they would be a perfect design for the small cabinet door I selected. It was a fun project.

Betsy Smith

Mary Zion

Quilted Door by Mary Zion
Display location - The Color of Coconut

I read an article about painting/decorating doors in the local newspapers. I thought "what a wonderful idea". Then my daughter was renovating her townwhouse and got rid of all the interior doors. I took several of them thinking I would decorate the door with all different kinds of color, and if it turned out OK I might participate in the "DOOR" project. My friend, Joan Voyles, encouraged me and we talked about using fabric on the door. I make quilts, so have lots of colorful scraps.

Mary ZionIt is a bifold door with 32 louvers on each section with a large panel at the bottom. There are 64 slats covered with 40 different patterns of material. After cutting the material, arranging them was a long process as I didn't want the 'repeats' next to each other, no clashing colors etc. Once I got started it was a ton of fun and I was totally immersed in glueing for several days. I cannot wait to do the next door. I'm going to use it for 'yard art' at my home.

I have always loved color. I have no formal art background other than liking to put common things together to make something beautiful and serve another purpose.

Mary Zion

Linda Underwood

Cool Cat by Linda Underwood
Display location - Ginny and Jane E's, Anna Maria

A Florida native, Linda considers herself quite lucky to have experienced the magic of a childhood spent in island paradise. With a flair for the unexpected through color application, she often uses just her hands to apply and spread color. Occasionally her work may go in another direction when she picks up her watercolor pencils to sketch and savor the moments she captures in finer detail. Her diversified body of artwork often features whimsical animal portraiture and close-ups.
contact artist at:

"Art captures the essence of creating and feeds the soul. Artists serve by offering their feasts of beauty. It is a way to give back."

Linda Underwood

Marsha Bard
"Grandma's Screen Door" by Marsha Bard
Coming soon: UltraViolet Expressions Designs
Display location - The Sun House Restaurant

Marsha has been involved with the island arts for over 20 years and was the first gallery director for the Artists Guild Gallery in Holmes Beach. She has stretched her limits from painting, pottery, creating altered books, the fabric arts and is currently working on weaving and beading.

"Public art has always been a dream - to bring out the best in our island artists in a way that is fun and beneficial to making our island a destination for the arts.

I have to create something every day - art, to me, is a celebration of life whether the day is cloudy or sunny, there is always something that can be expressed through writing, dance, crafts or the visual arts.

I was offered an old sliding door from a home that had been renovated and for some reason it just seemed appropriate to paint another type of door on the surface. I've always loved the Victorian screen doors and thought it might be fun to do a funky old beach cottage door that looked like it had been painted and repainted thorough it's lifetime, but still endured as the portal to one of our beautiful island beaches."

Marsha Bard


Just a sampling of the "Doors" Exhibit that will take place at Anna Maria Island Art League beginning November 13, the evening of the artsHOP art walk. The theme encompasses the concept of "entrances, portals and passages" as viewed by the artist. Submissions for the Exhibit are November 10 and 11, 10 am - 2 pm. For more information please call the Art League at 778-2099.

Deeana Atkinson Auger
by Deeana Atkinson

Deeana Atkinson is part of a painting duo known as the "Trash Sisters". They find discarded furniture and through lots of elbow grease and creativity turn that trash into treasure.

Deeana will be displaying her creations at the Anna Maria Island Art League's premier event known as Winterfest. Search for her at the festival and fine out more about the "Trash Sisters" philosophy of re-work, recycle and paint the world.

Lucia van den Berg-Klein "Doors on a Door"
by Lucia van den Berg-Klein

...a Mediterranean scene of doors in the South of France. Medium: acrylics on wood, finished in matte varnish, price $300.

Lucia van den Berg-Klein was born in the Netherlands. She studied in Italy and has lived in Bradenton for 37 years.