Anna Maria Island ArtsHOP 2009
Sponsored by Cultural Connections


Paint a DOOR!
ArtsHOP on Anna Maria Island
November 13, 14, 15, 2009

- Preview of the DOORS - October 8th, Island Players
- The viewing tour begins Bayfest Weekend, Saturday, October 17
- The DOORS will be on display at various locations that will be noted on the trolley map
- Ends with silent auction for the Doors on Sunday, November 15
Auction proceeds for Building Fund of the Manatee Performing Arts Hall and Cultural Connections.

A Call to Artists
Email or call 778-9503 for more information

Get your name out there on a door - if you agree to do a door we will have it on our web site and will include a brief bio of the artist with a link to your web site. If you have a connection to an island business, ask them if they would be interested in sponsoring you. We will have a variety of doors available to you, or you might have a door of your own that you want included in the display.

What's in it for you?
  1. We intend to have pictures of every completed door on the web site, but if you submit a sketch of what you plan to do, we will publish that to get things going and replace the sketch with a photo of the completed door.
  2. Put your contact information on the back of the door, or include a hang tag with your contact information
  3. Your name will be included in the ArtsHOP advertising as a contributor to our island art "happening"

We are getting close to our auction date... if you have a finished door, please bring it to the art league so that we can photograph, clear coat it and get it on the web site - make sure that you email me with your artist statement and the title of your door. ( We will find a display area for it if you haven't found one yourself.
If you would like to clear coat your own door, please take a photo of the door first for our web site and email it to:

Get involved and let's

Cultural Connections
Cultural Connections' monthly meetings are about making "connections" with other organizations, businesses and individuals to enhance visits, vacations and living on Anna Maria land.

The goal of Cultural Connections is to bring attention to our Island arts. This year we will to begin the 'buzz' for ArtsHOP 2009 with our Doors Project. This will involve as many island artists as possible to paint 'doors' (they could be exterior doors, interior doors, shower doors, screen doors, cupboard doors - or any size or shape) and display them in the island businesses that want to be a part of the project for the month preceding and during ArtsHOP. The grande finale being a silent auction for the doors - time and place is undecided at present - with a portion of the proceeds going to the new Performing Arts Center in Bradenton.